PRAXIS Joe O'Connor Trio

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Joe O'Connor Trio - COVER.jpg

PRAXIS Joe O'Connor Trio


PRAXIS is the debut release from the Joe O'Connor Trio. The compositions are inspired by Joe's study of dissonant counterpoint and combine a spacious, non-tonal harmonic palette with an intricate rhythmic sensibility. 

Joe O’Connor – Piano

Marty Holoubek – Bass

James McLean – Drums


1. Duane

2. Fractured Symmetry

3. Maggot?

4. Lady Lachs Schinken

5. Sotto Voce

6. Chagrining


All compositions by Joe O’Connor

Artwork: Wind drawings by Cameron Robbins



Recorded and Mastered by Mal Stanley

at ABC Studios, Southbank, Melbourne,

in April 2014, for ‘Jazztrack with Mal Stanley’



(P) 2015 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

(c) 2015 Joseph O'Connor


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